Dermalogica Product Reviews

It is very important to us that we allow our customers to provide feedback not only on our website and service but also on the Dermalogica Products they have purchased from us. Therefore we allow our customers to review the Dermalogica Products they buy from us and provide a star rating which we are then able to show as an average for each of the products. This star rating enables prospective customers to see what our customers think of the products, which may or may not influence their decision to buy.

We are aware that there are many unscrupulous websites that provide false reviews for their products. We wanted to inform our customers how the process works and how we police the system to ensure that every review we publish is honest and legitimate.

If you want to review one of our Dermalogica Products it is important that the product has been purchased from our site. Any reviews that we receive by customers are checked against their order history and if it is found that this is not the case then we simply delete the review before publishing it. If it is confirmed that the customer has purchased the product from us we then read the review in detail, to ensure we moderate any unsuitable content, and then we publish the review which can then be read on the product detail page.

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