Dermalogica Discount Code from Pure Beauty

We have added a 10% discount code for all of our customers. The details are as follows:

Discount Code: BLOG-MAY1-10
Discount Amount: 10% off
Start Date: Sunday 17th May 2009
End Date: Saturday 23rd May 2009

How is the code used?
When you have placed your order on our site and you are on the final page – Checkout 3/3 – you will be given the option of Redeeming Discount Code. All you need do is enter the code BLOG-MAY1-10 into the box and press the Get Discount button. This will then reduce the cost of your order by 10%.

What else do you need to know?

  1. The code can only be used on one order. We will not be able to redeem it against any other orders that are subsequently placed.
  2. The code is only available in the range of dates stipulated.
  3. Anyone can use this discount – please feel free to pass it on.
  4. The code will apply to the whole of your order.

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