Dermalogica Price Increase April 2009

Unfortunately Dermalogica have recently increased all of their prices on the full retail range. Their Recommended Retail Price actually increased in January but their cost price to authorised suppliers such as ourselves didn’t happen until 1st April 2009. The main reason behind the increase is to do with exchange rate between the pound(£) and the dollar ($) but there are other factors too.

Although we are the first of the major Dermalogica Retailers to increase our prices in line with the cost increase from Dermalogica, the others will have to follow eventually or go out of business. We feel it is very unfortunate that we have had to increase our prices, but the reasons for doing so are many, and providing the level of service and support that our customers expect from us, along with Free First Class Recorded Delivery in the UK, has cost implications that we have to cover. The increase from Dermalogica has been substantial, and although we considered absorbing the cost, it would have meant the end of our business. This would result in less competition in the market place and eventually exponentially higher prices for all consumers in the future.

We hope all of our customers understand the reasons why we have had to increase our prices and that you all continue to support us in the future.

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